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May 22, 2014

With free apps, college students can connect on the spot with tools to improve academic performance.

The Best Free Apps for College Students

Benchprep.png1. BenchPrep

Published by textbook house, McGraw Hill, BenchPrep is a subject matter, entrance testing app designed to boost graduate and professional exam performance. Replete with an interactive course library for subject expert practice testing, BenchPrep includes flashcards, practice questions, and nearly 600 study lessons covering LSAT, MCAT, GMAT test content. Free for Android and iOS users.

easybib.jpg2. EasyBib

The citation resource for APA, Chicago, and MLA style guidelines, EasyBib generates citations according to current style rules. The apps’ scan interface allows users to bar code or enter a book title. References can be forwarded via email of export to bibliographies. Available for free Android or iOS download.

dictionary.png3. Dictionary.com Mobile

The mobile app for lexicon precision, Dictionary.com Mobile is app offers users 2+ million definitions, antonyms, and synonyms for fast reference on the go. Perfect for glossary reviews in law or medicine, Dictionary.com Mobile is a free download for Android and iOS users.

dictionary.png4. Babylon

The 75 language interface to a compendium of 1500 glossary terms, Babylon is the ultimate localization source for language translation in class. Eliminate foreign language challenges with the Babylon free app for translator for iOS and Android.

dragon.jpg5. Dragon Dictation

Dictation has never been so simple. With the Dragon Diction app, voice recognition software is compatible with iOS mobile smartphones and devices. Speak into the device and the Dragon Diction app records speech as text. Choose voice over writing with Dragon Diction free in iOS.

selfcontrol.png6. SelfControl

Avoid becoming trapped in a video game match. SelfControl is the app that allows students to time manage their studies by scheduling a block on specified mail servers or websites. Access to blacklisted sites is prohibited until a computer is restarted. SelfControl software is free for Mac OS X.

skype.jpg7. Skype

Team meetings in a class can be conducted via Skype. The most used video conferencing interface by students, Skype is a multi-scale Web-based communications platform that allows students to engage asynchronously, or in text, chat or video. Now interfaced with free Microsoft Outlook email accounts, Skype is a reliable conduit for connecting to colleagues at a distance. With the Skype mobile app, conferencing is available on the go. Download the Skype app for mobile free for use on an Android or iOS device.

linkedin.jpg8. LinkedIn

The social networking site, LinkedIn, is an essential app option for college students interested in making professional connections for research or employment. LinkedIn member profiles are also viewed by recruiters. Tap into your potential with a LinkedIn app free for Android and iOS device users.


9. Twitter

News and political events inform academic research and global social participation. Twitter’s app enables students to remain at the forefront of current events. Download the Twitter app free for Android and iOS devices.

Mint.png10. Mint

Students have a range of expenses requiring record. Mint’s accounting app creates financial records in a concise and user-friendly format. Budget on the spot with Mint and maintain control of spending while in school. Mint is available free for Android and iOS smartphones and devices.

between.jpg11. Between

College students living on their own for the first time, love staying in touch with their family and friends at a distance. Between is a relationship app that allows students to manage their personal affairs with an email, voicemail, memo and photo interface. The app offers users a private timeline; making it simple to record memories and special days on the calendar. Between is a free app download for Android and iOS users.

Ted-App-Icon.jpg12. TED

The lineage of power is vast. In the classroom or during study, college students are often asked to report on key figures and their seminal thought or work in a field. With the TED app, students have mobile access to thought leadership across sectors and professional networks. Watch TED talks before writing an essay or literature review. TED Talks are instantaneous intellectual engagement, contributing insight into theories and practices important to the development of scholarship, business techniques, innovations, and governance. TED is available free for use with iOS and Android devices.