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September 8, 2021

1. Portability

The mobile portability of your laptop enables innovative course designers to embed your surroundings into the curriculum.  Biology students, for example, have been tasked with compiling animalium content, via video, from their laptops.

Additionally, students no longer have to be isolated from other students.  As a laptop student, you can study anywhere – libraries, coffee shops and other campuses. The number one choice for students to study, however, is with their children.   

Collective lifelong learning skills and self-learning skills make laptop students unique.

2. Flexibility

As an online student studying from your laptop, you have the choice to set your study schedule.  

Morning person? – check.  
Full-time job? – No worries as you can study during your lunch break.
Night owl- perfect.

Online laptop students that are efficient in managing their time thrive in this kind of environment.  So much so, over 40% of all college students are taking a course online. As an online laptop student, you have more, not less, class choices which is important and mission critical for students that want to graduate on time.

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Not all sponsored colleges have laptop programs

3. Machine Learning

While artificial intelligence has not replaced students in the classroom as of 2019, students that enroll in laptop programs will view laptops, tablets and mobile devices as learning sources.  That is extremely important since most individuals view their screens as entertainment resources. The ability to research, compile and analyze information will always be a sought after skill in today’s information economy.

4. Discounts, Deals and More

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