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June 25, 2020

The COVID-19 virus has influenced many state policies that are formulated and executed on shutting down educational institutions. UNESCO reports that more than 60% of students all over the world are affected by COVID-19 lockdown policies. The unfortunate turn of events has skyrocketed the number of students willing to learn online. Although many students now have more reasons to learn online, a number of them are unsure about how to choose a good online school.

How to Choose an Online School

Are you a student? Does the coronavirus lockdown policy affect your ability to go to school? Do you want to attend an online school? Perhaps you intend to transfer from your on-campus college to an online college but you do not know how to select amongst the various colleges posting their adverts on different search engines. Listed below are tips to guide you in choosing an online school.

1.      Find a school with enough experience.

When you are going for online school hunting, be prepared to do thorough research. In your quest to find the appropriate school, comb through the web for information on their years of experience. You can achieve this by checking the “About Us” section of the school’s official website. It is safer to choose a renowned school that has a reputation for running a standard online program.

2.      Make sure they offer your course.

While on the school’s website, browse the programs they offer. Do they have programs and tutors for the course you want to study? Do they provide hands-on training essential to gain the practical experience needed in the labor market? Are there testimonials from students confirming the school’s success and competency? You can get this information by combing through the web or asking people who you know have gone online school hunting.

3.      Pick accredited schools only.

Do not make the mistake of choosing an online college that is not accredited.  Employers are constantly rejecting job applications of people who attended non-accredited schools. How can you know whether a school is accredited? Accreditation status of a school can be accessed from this database provided by the United States Department of Education’s OPE.

4.      Pick a school that accepts transfer credits.

Are you transferring from another school? Make sure to pick a school that accepts credits transfers. This article on how to switch to an online school during COVID-19 lockdown explains the importance of transferring credit while switching to an online college. If you are transferring from another college, transferring credits gives you a higher chance of graduating early.

5.      Select a school that has extensive programs.

Choosing a school that has extensive programs will be an advantage for you in the future. Imagine in the future, you decide to study a second degree, if your college makes provision for that degree, you have been relieved of the stress of school hunting for a second degree. Make sure to check whether the online college has Masters programs, certification programs, doctoral programs etc.

6.      Scrutinize their financial status

Is the school in debt? Do they have sponsors? Are they in partnership with any big organization? A school with a strong financial base has greater chances of providing its students with financial aids like scholarship offers, free online programs, etc. Moreover, the school is less like to shut down if they have a strong financial base.