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January 31, 2022

Contributions and sacrifices made by the armed forces are invaluable to all citizens. To show gratitude, companies, and vendors across the country are offering different types of discounts to the forces and their families. Discounts are available from everyday grocery shopping to expensive household appliances to vacation deals and much more.  

Our article, however, is focused on technology discounts. We have listed some of the best deals on laptops and other products that are currently available in the market. These are offered by the top manufacturers on different categories of devices ranging from laptops, mobiles, tablets, TVs, and more. 

Apple Military Discount 

In December 2018, Apple launched its Military Discount program, where they offer 10% discounts on most products. It is a nice gesture from the Tech giant to offer such dedicated discount programs for those who serve and protect our country. Once verified, you’ll get access to a dedicated store where you’ll be offered discounts on iPhones, Apple Watches, iPods, MacBooks, Apple TVs, and accessories. Discounts are also available for AppleCare and AppleCare+ protection plans. 

Although most products will be available for purchase, certain items and variants of products may be excluded. For instance, 3rd party accessories may be excluded from the program. Also, if you want an iPhone, only SIM-free variants are eligible for special pricing.  

Visit Apple’s Veterans and Military store for more details. 

Who qualifies for Apple Discounts

  • Current and veteran members of US Military 
  • National Guard and Reserve 
  • Immediate family members residing in the same households 

Are there any limits on purchase

Yes, Apple mentions the discounts are for “personal use” and are limited in terms of the number of items that can be purchased or sponsored per customer per calendar year. For new items, a user can purchase three computer systems, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, and a few other devices. The limit is raised to ten for certified refurbished items, iPods, accessories, etc. 

Other discounts offered by Apple 

In addition to military discounts, Apple also offers hefty discounts for educational institutions. Educational prices are available to current and new students and their parents, teachers, staff, and faculty members. 

Dell Military Discount 

Dell is currently offering up to a 20% discount for all military personnel on Dell branded consumer products. Instead of a long-term purchase program, Dell offers a limited-time loyalty program for service members. 

To obtain the discount, active-duty members need to apply using their .mil email address, and veterans can email directly at [email protected] or call 1-866-871-9875. Once registered, visit https://www.defencediscountservice.co.uk/ and request a code from the vault. 

Refer to Dell’s Military Forces Discounts for more details. 

Who qualifies for Dell Military Program

All verified military personnel are eligible, including: 

  • Spouses of serving personnel 
  • Armed forces veterans 
  • Bereaved Family Members 
  • War/Service Widow(er)s 
  • Cadet forces aged over 16 years 
  • NATO Personnel in the UK 

What are the limitations

There are no maximum or minimum spending limits to be eligible for the discounts. However, Dell puts a limit on the number of units that can be purchased. You can only buy one item per order. 

The discount voucher cannot be used on the Dell outlet store or third-party site. It is redeemable only through their online store. Also, note that the voucher code is country-specific, so it can only be used in the country where it was issued.  

You can share this offer with your colleagues, but they will receive up to a 10% discount instead of the 20% you will receive. 

Other discounts by Dell 

Dell offers educational discounts to any student enrolled in college or university. To receive the discount, you need to provide a valid student email and a copy of your student ID. 

Lenovo Military Discount 

Lenovo Military Discount allows First Responders and Military to save 7% sitewide on most of their products. The discount is applied to the entire purchase. After adding all the products to the cart, you have to verify your status using ID.me, and once verified, the discount will automatically be added to the total order. You will receive a unique promo code that can be used only once. Afterward, you have to re-verify the status to receive a new promo code. 

Refer to First Responders and Military for more details.  

Who qualifies for Lenovo Military Discount

The Lenovo Military Discount is applicable for all active U.S. Military members, First Responders, veterans, reservists, and immediate family members. 

What are the limitations

This program cannot be shared with any colleagues or friends; it is restricted to only eligible members. If you are looking to share the discount offer with others, Dell might be a better option. Dell allows eligible members to share the discount with colleagues. 

Other discounts by Lenovo 

Lenovo offers technology discounts to different groups of individuals. The company offers discounts to medical professionals that include nurses, doctors, and other medical providers. Student and teacher discounts are also popular offerings from Lenovo. Students can save on new laptops and computers, and even special financing options are offered to eligible candidates. Special discount programs are also offered to senior citizens aged over 50 years. 

Microsoft Military Discount 

Microsoft offers Military discounts as gratitude to men and women who have or are currently serving the country in the U.S. armed forces. The discounts are offered on different categories of products, including Surface products, laptops, tablets, virtual reality, and more.  

Microsoft offers two types of Military discounts. The first one is the Microsoft Store discount, which is an online-only option and offers a 10% savings on specific products. The second is the Microsoft 365 discount, which offers a 30% savings on the family suite of office products. 

More details are available on Military and veteran discounts

Who qualifies for Microsoft Military Discount

  • Active, former, and retired military members 
  • Family members of Military personnel 

What are the limitations

Microsoft mentions this program is for “Personal use only.” Bulk orders are not allowed, and the number of products per purchase may also be limited. 

Other discounts by Microsoft 

The company also offers educational discounts that are available to K-12 and higher education students, faculty, and parents. Students also get access to MS Office for free by using a school email address. 

HP Military Discounts 

HP offers service members exclusive discounts on HP Laptops, electronics, supplies, and services. Members will have access to a private environment with dedicated support and up to a 40% discount. The company also offers free shipping on storewide purchases. To be eligible, you will need a valid ID.me account, need to reside in the United States, and need to be categorized in one of the eligible service member groups. 

Full details can be found in HP Frontline Heroes

Who qualifies for HP Military Discounts

This discount program is not only limited to Military and Veterans and their families. HP offers this program through their Frontline Heroes Store, which also accounts for First Responders and medical providers, including Doctors, Nurses, and other Hospital staff. 

What are the limitations

Some offers may be restricted to certain Military subgroups. For instance, some discounts may only be available for active-duty members and not their families. Also, certain groups are listed out from the discount program, such as veterans with less than honorable discharges, members serving in non-U.S. Military and civilian employees. 

Other discounts by HP 

HP also provides educational discounts to university students and teachers. To receive the discount, you need a “.edu” email address.  

GovX Discounts for Military 

GovX is a non-profit internet retailer that offers Military and Government discounts on over 700 brands. They mostly sell tactical and recreational products and provide up to 50% off on current season goods. Their program is currently available for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Medical, Government employees, and Military families. GovX also has a large inventory of laptops and accessories offered by top brands. 

For more details, refer to GovX

Who qualifies for GovX discount

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the service member group. Go to their website to see if you are eligible for the discounts.   

Looking for colleges that offer laptop discounts? 

We provide a comprehensive list of colleges that provide laptop programs to new and currently enrolled students. Complete a simple questionnaire and fill-up the form – afterward, MyCollegeLaptop will find the right school that matches your requirement.  

Other types of discounts 

Laptop and technology discounts are not the only options where you can save some cash. Discounts on different goods and services are available just about everywhere. Below, we have listed some of the references where eligible vets and service members will find options to save on things such as travel, shopping, appliances, and much more.