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September 8, 2021

Completing an online degree is a lot of work and requires lots of time on your computer. The workload can be immense and just getting everything done can be challenging. Not only that, but many students completing online degrees are fitting higher education in around everyday life, making it even more of a challenge. There are, however, 5 computer gadgets to make your life easier that don’t come with a hefty price tag; these gizmos are only $10!

1. Earbuds or headphones
Noise from doing homework on the go in crowded places can be quite distracting, so wearing headphones is a way to block that unwanted noise. Regardless of whether a student prefers background music or silence while he or she is working, headphones or earbuds are one of the best computer gadgets under $10. These Skullcandy Jib Earbuds, available at Best Buy, come in a wide range of colors at a great price!

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2. Charge/Sync Cord
Nearly everyone has multiple devices to charge. This widely available cord will spare the user from trying to find two outlets to charge both a laptop and a phone, for example. If it is a charge/sync cord instead of simply a power cord, data can also be shared between the two devices. This Belkin USB to mirco USB cable, available on Amazon, charges most micro-USB devices from the USB port in a laptop.

3. Wireless Mouse
A wireless mouse can come in handy for anyone working on a laptop. Its especially useful for people working with small netbooks or tablets; a wireless mouse gives more freedom of movement than a tiny trackpad offers. For gamers, a wireless mouse like this one available at Walmart,makes internet and PC gaming easier by allowing greater control during the game.

4. Device Cleaning Kit
These don’t have to be anything super fancy, but they are highly useful. This kit available on Amazon, cleans most LCD screens and is designed for laptops. Cleaning kits are available at major electronics retailers both online and in store.

5. Key chain Flash Drive
Available on Amazon, (though larger flash drives cost more) this handy gadget will allow files to be transferred from one device to another or backed up easily. Since it’s on a key chain, the small thumb drive is much less likely to be lost than a loose one. Smaller ones are less than $10, but flash drives with more storage space do cost more.

These 5 computer gadgets under $10 are great for anyone, and especially college students seeking online degrees. Whether you’re a college student or not, these gadgets are guaranteed to make your life easier.